Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I register as a provider on the site?

    There is a separate registration page to register as a practising medical professional.

  • How do I register as a member on the site?

    There is a separate process and page to register as a member.

  • Do I have to be registered on Zarcare to use the platform?

    There are other elements on our website that you may access - we have blogs and information that you may find helpful. You do not need to be registered to view these. However, to consult with a provider or to consult as a provider, you need to register on Zarcare.

  • Can I add my family members to my account?

    Yes, there is an option to create multiple member profiles on the site under your specific profile.

  • Can I use Zarcare on more than one device?

    Yes, a user can log in on multiple devices at a time.

  • How do I use my vouchers on Zarcare?

    We may occasionally distribute vouchers. These vouchers may be for a free consultation or a discounted one. You can apply the voucher code on the payment checkout page, where the option to redeem your voucher is available.

  • How do I choose a provider?

    All our providers have a star rating and may have reviews. You may use this to select your preferred provider. Alternatively, complete the contact form, and we will get back to you with a recommendation.

  • How can I share my previous history and consultation with my provider?

    You may grant the provider permission to access information on your Zarcare profile information. There is also an option to upload documents when needed.

  • How do I chat with a provider?

    You can chat with a provider on the site by booking an appointment and selecting whether you want to do an audio or a video call.

  • Can the provider liaise with me via email?

    The provider will liaise with you on the Zarcare platform.

  • How long will it take for me to consult a provider?

    There will often be consultation slots available to see a provider, if not immediately, then same day.

  • How will I know if my consultation is confirmed?

    Zarcare will notify you via Email and SMS once your consultation has been confirmed.

  • Will my phone number be revealed during a phone consultation?

    Neither the provider nor the user can give the other party's personal contact details during a consultation. Zarcare will connect both parties through an anonymous calling system. Personal information will only be shared upon consent.

  • Does Zarcare save the audio and video file?

    We will save the audio and video file with your permission.

  • Can I request that Zarcare deletes all my records

    You may email and request that Zarcare deletes your records.

  • How do I get a reminder for a phone or video consultation?

    Once the user books a slot for audio or video consultation, they will receive a confirmation email. You will receive another email and an SMS to their registered mobile number 15 minutes before the consultation.

  • How do I share this service with a friend?

    You can provide a promotional voucher code to your friend who is not already registered on the site.

  • How long till my voucher expires?

    Our vouchers expire within 3 months of issue.

  • Can I choose a provider?

    Login or register on Zarcare and access the provider profiles on the platform. You may use a list of providers and filters to select a provider.

  • How do I approach the same provider to consult again or after some time?

    You will find the option to post follow-up queries to the same provider under your profile. In addition, your profile will display the list of all provider profiles you have consulted.

  • Can I ask for a free consultation?

    All new users or users with a free Zarcare voucher on the site can post their first query for free.

  • What is an OTP?

    An OTP is a x-digit number you will receive when you first register with Zarcare. Then, you log in to your profile. Of course, you may switch off the option for an OTP, but this comes with the risk that your profile has a lower level of security without an OTP.

  • What must I do with the OTP I receive?

    Use this x-digit number to log into your profile

  • Where does the OTP get sent?

    It gets sent to the cellphone number you used to register.

  • What should I do if I do not receive an OTP SMS?

    In such a case, you can contact the support team via the support chat box on the site or by emailing them to

  • How to download my invoice?

    The user can download the invoice for all payments made from the transaction page.

  • Is the website GDPR Compliant?

    Yes, our website is GDPR compliant.

  • What does it mean that Zarcare is GDPR compliant?

    GDPR Compliance means an organisation that falls within the scope of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) meets the requirements for adequately handling personal data as defined in the law. The GDPR outlines certain obligations organisations must follow, which limit how personal data can be used.

  • Are my personal details secure?

    All personal details you enter in your query are secure. They will only be shared with your consent and instruction.