Creating Trusted Connections in an Empowered Health & Wellness Community

About Our Company

Zarcare is a South African technological platform.

Our digital infrastructure facilitates access to expert providers, establishes trusted connections, and offers a reliable place for care. Our team genuinely cares about making a social impact and enabling national health and well-being services.

Discover Zarcare's features:

  • Accessible from anywhere as long as there is a stable internet connection
  • Quick and alternative access to the healthcare system
  • Facilitates trusted and reliable interactions between users
  • Convenient and remote access to healthcare services
  • Contributes to the efficiency of South Africa’s healthcare system
  • Provides tools and resources for user education on important health and well-being matters
  • Strong focus on diversity and inclusion through partnerships and collaborations
  • Replaces traditional client or patient files with Electronic Health Records (EHR)
  • Easy-to-use software tailored for our users
  • Generate clinical history and examination notes automatically or through customisable options
  • Create prescriptions easily from a registered medication and dosage list
  • Rapid generation of medical certificates with just a few clicks

Why choose Zarcare?

  • User-friendly and convenient

    Visit www.zarcare.com, register, complete your medical file, and book appointments in minutes. Our platform offers a simple and intuitive interface accessible on multiple devices.

  • Secure, confidential, and private

    We prioritise privacy and security, implementing robust protocols to protect patient data and ensure personal and confidential communication.

  • Comprehensive, personalised care, all in one platform

    Zarcare brings together a diverse range of health and well-being professionals and services. Virtual consultations, prescription refills, and remote maintenance and monitoring of patient health data are all available.

  • High-quality and personalised care

    Zarcare grants users access to licensed and trained healthcare professionals committed to providing exceptional remote care.

  • Free registration and affordability

    Online consultations on Zarcare are affordable and accessible. Flexible payment options will be available in the future.

  • Community and collaboration

    Zarcare collaborates with relevant organisations to offer its services as a health and wellness tool.