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Madeleen Rautenbach

BA Honours Industrial Psychology, Bachelor's Degree in Psychology or Counseling

Wellness Counsellor

4 years experience

Pretoria, Gauteng

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  • Starting Fees R 260.00

About Madeleen Rautenbach

I am passionate about helping people because I recognize the value and importance of mental and emotional well-being. I understand that everyone faces challenges and struggles at some point in their lives, and seeking help from a trained counsellor can be a transformative experience. I am motivated by the desire to make a positive difference in people's lives, to help them overcome obstacles, and to guide them towards a more fulfilling and meaningful life. I am empathic and compassionate, and dedicated to helping others navigate through life's challenges with greater resilience, self-awareness, and personal growth. Seeing my clients make progress and achieve their goals is incredibly rewarding, and it drives me to continue to provide the best possible care and support to those in need. I completed my BA Psychological Counselling degree in 2022, and my BA Hons Psychology in 2023. Over the years, while involved with an NPO, I received training on topics such as trauma counselling, rape counselling, suicide counselling, ethics training, gender-based violence and abuse, couples and relationship, and emotions. I also hold training certificates in Trauma Incident Reduction, Dealing with Reconstructed Families, Introduction to Psychologically Motivated Crimes, Identifying paraphilias, Suicide awareness and prevention, borderline personality disorder vs bipolar disorder, A psychoanalytic approach to the diagnosis and treatment of narcissism.

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